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     A new state law became effective in Connecticut on Oct. 1, 2015, which provides for "Non-Adversarial Divorces." Under the provisions of this new law, two new simplified and expedited divorce processes were created. The first new process allows parties who satisfy all of the new law's eligibility requirements to obtain a divorce in 35 days or less. In comparison, traditional divorces require a minimum waiting period of 90 days. Additionally, judges may grant these divorces “on the papers,” meaning the parties in these cases do not need to come to court. However, if a judge has any questions about whether the divorce should be granted, a court appearance may still be required. The eligibility requirements for obtaining this type of expedited divorce include:

  • Being married eight years or less;
  • Neither party is pregnant;
  • No children were born to or adopted by either spouse before or during their marriage;
  • Neither spouse has any interest or title in any real property;
  • The total value of all property owned by the parties is less than $35,000;
  • Neither spouse has a company sponsored pension plan;
  • Neither spouse has a pending bankruptcy;
  • Neither spouse is applying for or receiving Medicaid benefits;
  • No other action of dissolution of marriage is pending; and
  • There are no restraining or protective orders between the spouses.

  The other new simplified process applies to parties who have reached an agreement regarding all the terms of their divorce. These parties may now file a motion to ask a judge to waive the 90-day waiting period that is part of the dissolution process, thus shortening the amount of time their divorce will take to complete.

Information and posters will be in available at all courthouses, both in the clerk’s offices and at the court information centers. Information also will be available through the Judicial Branch website, at 

     If you have any questions about your eligibility, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time!