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T​he Law Offices o​f Carrie Brosnan Taylor


Wills and Advanced Directives

     Of course, it's difficult to think about life continuing once you are gone. Unfortunately, though, death is inevitable and sometimes unpredictable. Because of this, wills and written advanced directives concerning medical care are vitally important legal tools providing guidance and solace to both you and to the ones you hold dear. At the Law Offices of Carrie Brosnan Taylor, the goal is to leave all our clients comforted in the knowledge that their wills and advanced directives ensure their final wishes will be honored by their family and by the law. 

     Both wills and advanced directives must be drafted clearly and skillfully. A will is a document that outlines how you want your property to be when you die. Advanced Directives outline to doctors and medical professionals what kind of medical efforts, if any, you want undertaken when it is medically certain your life is coming to an end. So often, Advanced Directives and a Medical Power of Attorney save loved ones the tremendous heartbreak of making difficult medical decisions on your behalf. A Medical Power of Attorney names a person you trust to make these decisions according to your wishes. We will listen carefully and compassionately to all your plans, thoughts and concerns. We will answer all of your questions with knowledge and with no judgement. Then, with all of the detailed information you provided, combined with our knowledge of estate law in Connecticut, the Law Offices of Carrie Brosnan Taylor works tirelessly and with precision to draft your will according to your wishes. Our goal is to leave you comforted with the knowledge that your final wishes will be honored by your family and by the law. 

       The Law Offices of Carrie Brosnan Taylor will provide you with the experienced and knowledgeable legal advice necessary to offer you with the peace of mind that you so deserve. Call the office now at (203)889-8695 and schedule a free consultation regarding your last wishes.