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Experienced CT Environmental, Land Use and Zoning

Environmental Law, Land Use and Zoning

     Environmental laws in CT continue to grow more complex and more demanding. Noncompliance with environmental and zoning law in Ct can result in devastating civil and criminal liabilities. The Law Offices of Carrie Brosnan Taylor will work proactively, wherever possible, and reactively, whenever needed, to counsel businesses and individuals through all stages of their environmental issues. I bring real-world experience representing the CT DEEP and working closely with other governmental officials to every environmental issue. The services I provide include helping clients intelligently invest in or manage environmental issues associated with acquisitions and development, guidance through the labyrinth of regulatory approvals, and representation in litigation matters involving environmental claims.

     From a land-use and zoning perspective; blueprints and site plans are not worth the paper they’re printed on unless the necessary project approvals are in place. Putting plans into action is my primary objective. I have extensive experience in helping private developers obtain the governmental approvals required to develop real property for residential, commercial, and retail uses. I also represent local individuals with land use, zoning, environmental, and redevelopment issues from both the regulatory and the planning perspectives.

     I understand the importance of addressing environmeantal, land use and zoning issues on a timely and cost-effective basis while keeping a focused eye on obtaining my clients’ goals. My experience in the Environmental Department at The Office of the Attorney General gave me a wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental law, land-use and zoning matters. The bottom line: I'll work tirelessly to get the job done.