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T​he Law Offices o​f Carrie Brosnan Taylor


Contract Law

Every small business and many individuals deal with important legal documents, like contracts, on a regular basis. These documents may involve any numer of topics, including the purchase of goods, the sale of items, the renting of space, or the provision or procurement of services. As an attorney experienced in ontract law, I undertake comprehensive reviews of contracts for my clients and advise them of the legal meanings and possible consequences of each comtract term. I also draft form contracts to suit the needs and protect the interests of my clients' everyday transactions. Additionally, l draft contracts tailored to the specific circumstances of a client's unique transaction. 

Unfortunately, problems sometimes arise during the course of a contract. In these situations, I advise my clients of their contractual obligations and their legal options. If circumstances require, I attempt to negotiate fair resolutions with the other parties to the contract. However, if negotiation isn't able to justly resolve a matter, my broad experience as a litagator helps protect the rights of my clients when filing a lawsuit or when defending them in a civil a action.

Whatever your situation, I am ready to assist and advise you regarding contract law.